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Industrial Operating System

All-in-One Digital Transformation Platform

Connect your infrastructure, manage and analyze your data flow, and build unlimited applications

What is supOS

supOS is a cutting-edge IIoT platform that simplifies industrial equipment data connectivity,

storage, and display. 

Open & Modern Architecture

Use industry-recognized open standards and open-source, secure components

Ensuring our customers are not locked in by vendors can maintain flexibility and continued growth.

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Build Industrial Apps with a Whole Ecosystem

Deploy from Edge to Cloud

Connect  Heterogeneous Data Sources

Open the black box

Flatten the stack

Break down silos

Connect All Data Assets

Based on open technologies, such as OPC, ODBC, and IEC, supOS collects data from various sources and connects them in an open data lake.

Develop Customized Applications

React/Javascript, and Python. With low-code development tools, everyone can build data pipelines, front-end interfaces, and a wide range of APPs.

Deploy from Edge to Cloud

Based on the container and web technology, APPs can be deployed to any terminal.

Why supOS


More Centralized
Data Processing

  • Establish a unified data foundation and IoT operating system.

  • Realize integration of data collection, storage, cleansing, integration, transformation, analysis, and visualization.

  • Assist businesses in understanding physical and data assets in a one-stop manner.

More Open Tech-Eco

  • Support a wide range of protocols, third-party database integration, and OpenAPI.

  • Continuously support the open-source technology ecosystem.

  • Help businesses embark on digital transformation cost-effectively and conveniently.


More Agile
Business Decisions

  • Utilize cloud computing, clustering, and microservices for future-proof architecture.

  • Provide an all-in-one machine learning algorithm platform for data analysis and prediction.

  • Offer business decision support to match flexible needs.

Oil refinery plant in the evening


Making China's largest integrated refining and chemical base digital.

Any instrumentation personnel can handle any information related to instrumentation and control business at any time and any place, forming the "4A" working mode of instrumentation and control professional informationization and improving the operation efficiency of instrumentation and control maintenance.

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