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Use Cases


Open and Unified Connectivity

A wide range of industrial protocols (OPC/Modbus/MQTT...) available for pervasive connection with sites.
Keep a single source of data for enterprise.
Decouple data producing and consuming through event-driven subscription, and scalable IIoT architecture.
Get insight rapidly with DIY visualization tools.
Support Grafana, Node-Red, HiveMQ, Kafka and other open source tools to avoid vendor lock-in.

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Streamlined Data Pipeline

Unified data modeling is more efficient and faster to collect, analyze, visualize, and alert data in the whole life cycle.
Achieve consistency between various applications and data stakeholders. Break data silos, no matter from capturing sensor data, showcasing dashboards, tracking asset maintenance records, or monitoring order fulfillment.
Automate data ETL, integration, stream computing, and data warehousing through self-service workflow, and task orchestration.
Closed-loop data pipeline to improve data processing efficiency and reduce the difficulty for engineers to collaboratively process heterogeneous databases.
Provide JSQL, custom data services, and Scripts to attain openness and flexibility with 3rd-party databases or 3rd-party APIs.
Consolidate data quality and reliability through data standards, indicators, kinship, version control, metadata management, and scheduled tasks.


Streamlined ML Pipleline

Support streamlined tasks covering data integration, data preprocessing, data exploration, feature analysis, algorithm modeling, visualization, and parameter tuning workflow, improving the efficiency of model services and lowering the threshold.
Provide end-to-end model import, training, optimization, evaluation, deployment, application, and updated ML model services.
CI/CD: Continuously deliver and maintain models.
Various built-in model algorithms: predictive regression, reinforcement learning, decision trees, neural networks, genetic algorithms, etc.
Hybrid AI: Integrate process manufacturing mechanism, and data-driven algorithm analysis, mine new value from massive industrial data, guide industrial production, and bring new experiences.
Ensure production safety and efficiency with edge machine vision algorithm service.


From MES to Apps

Build your own personalized production management workstation through low-code, formed workflow engine and lighter MES application.
OEE, Quality, Planning & Scheduling, Equipment Inspection, RTO, SCADA & HMI are all in your pocket, enabling agile operation, collaboration ,and decision-making, and bringing continuous improvement of CAPEX & OPEX.
Carry out unified deployment, integration ,and transformation.
Support mobility, allowing you to view production progress and track production problems anytime, anywhere. “The devil is on-site", but also at your fingerprint.
Flexible manufacturing and digital twins connect enterprise R&D, production, supply chain, sales, and IOC cockpit to improve productivity and quickly respond to the market.

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Customer Stories 

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Conch Cement Digital Factory

World 1st Cement Producer


Zhenhai Refining &

Chemical Company


Fengheng Electromechanical

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