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The industrial Operating System that works on your industrial equipment and transforms complex data to custom APPs.

Platform Features

IIoT Data Collection

Support data protocols such as OPC UA/DA, Modbus, IEC… Provide SDK to develop private protocols to connect all devices.

Streamlined Operation Process on supOS


Collect data from different sources, and store in a unified data lake to be further used.


Process, analyze and model data to get more insight and data services with ML/DL.


Create your own Web-based App with a built-in low-code integrated development environment.


With browser/server architecture + native mobile applications, the supOS platform can distribute the applications to any terminal.

supOS Components

We provide everything you need to automate your business

Real Time Data

DB Integration

Data Mining


Modeling& Low Code

Cross Platform Mobile

Web-based Publish


A unified collection station for industrial time series and

heterogeneous data

3rd Party Systems: such as SAP, PI, ERP, and CRM

A Variety of Industrial Protocols Access (300+ protocols): OPC DA/UA/AE, Modbus TCP/RTU, etc.

Big Data Storage: Hive/HBase

MQTT/gRPC Gateway


RESTful API/Web Service

Kafka, MQ


"Extract, Transform, Load".

X-ETL provides a self-service ETL pipeline for data integration, cleaning, and synchronization between heterogeneous information systems.

Main Features:

Data Source Connection

Data Kinship Visualization

Data Extraction and Processing

Data Processing Monitoring


An integrated data asset management platform for comprehensive industrial data governance and utilization at the database level, including data warehousing, OLAP, and online data services.

It provides a low-code, streamlined manner to support the above capabilities.


X-BD provides advanced machine learning and data modeling services for IIoT platforms. Our built-in data processing and algorithm nodes enable rapid construction of algorithm models for machine learning and data mining processes.

Technical Features:

Model Evaluation

Built-in Mainstream Machine Learning and Data Mining Algorithms

No-code Hyperparameter Tuning

Visualized Modeling

Application Scenarios

supBD application scenarios: Predictive Maintenance, Algorithm Comparison,Performance Optimization

supBD Services

Data Editing   supports online data modification and variable settings

Low-code Modeling with 20+ algorithm choices and custom stream programming

Object Modeling Data Import


Visual Result   Statistics Online result display, support algorithm performance comparison and result export

Importing third-party algorithms, script writing

AI training frameworks & supBD basic requirements

 Py Torch & TensorFlow

Basic Hardware & supOS


X-Edge utilizes a hierarchical node architecture to support cloud-edge collaboration, distributed node scheduling, and visual intelligence analysis at the edge.

It gives access to industrial safety and industrial quality inspections with the help of image and video AI.

Use cases can be like below:

  • Exclusive Zone.

  • Safety Helmet Recognition.

  • Conveyor Belt Mistracking.


We provide two development methods: low-code for quick development and high-code for customization.

  • Low-code development uses a graphical user interface and a visual drag-and-drop for quick application building.

  • In high-code development, supOS supports JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. Applications can be developed in the embedded IDE. Alternatively, developers can use packaging tools to pack up and upload existing codes to supOS.


supLink is a mobile app platform that seamlessly connects with supOS, enabling efficient collaboration in industrial production. It extends supOS desktop capabilities to mobile devices, allowing users to access real-time factory operations, safety alerts, video monitoring, trend analysis, reports, workflows, and RFID inventory. With supLink, users can handle tasks, approvals, and tracking on the go.

Key Features:

  • Mobile Production Collaboration.

  • Professional Social Services.

  • Application Integration.

  • Mobile Multi-Tenant Management.

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