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Digital Consultant

Singapore / Full-Time

You will join a global industrial digitalization team, designing revolutionary digital integration solutions, bringing open standards and modern software technologies to world-leading industrial organizations.


  • Design digitalization roadmaps for manufacturing, infrastructure, and process industries.

  • Research the current status of customer assets, providing vendor-neutral technology analysis based on advanced digitalization methodologies.

  • Present technical solutions to customers, organize workshops with clients.

  • Collaborate with delivery, R&D, and partner teams to design and demonstrate PoCs and Demos.


  • Degree in computer science, engineering, or natural sciences.

  • Experience/certification in the digital consulting field is preferred.

  • Familiarity with cutting-edge technologies in the industrial digitalization field, including Web, Unified Namespace, LLM & MLOps.

  • Proficiency in technologies such as databases, IoT protocols and communication, cloud-native; capable of prototype development and able to work independently with various tech teams. Skilled in Python/JS.

  • Familiarity with presentation design tools, able to create compelling presentation content efficiently.

  • English as the working language, with the capability for international onsite work.


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