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Fullstack Web Engineer

Singapore / Full-Time

You will join a multidisciplinary, international R&D team, leading the development related to the Web, designing cross-platform industrial software human-machine interfaces, and applying them to world-leading industrial enterprises.


  • Responsible for the development of modern industrial web apps based on the IIoT platform software.

  • Capable of independently handling software engineering aspects and collaborating with design, algorithm, and solution teams for development.

  • Track and research cutting-edge front-end technologies, proposing productization pathways.


  • Proficient in languages and ecosystems such as TS, Python, etc., with an understanding of forefront front-end technologies like WASM, Next.js, and have completed outstanding application projects (GitHub Popular Repo).

  • Familiar with various databases, and communication/middleware technologies such as Protobuf, Kafka, MQTT.

  • Understanding of WebGL WebGPU.

  • Experience in developing with cloud-native services FaaS, BaaS, and cloud middleware.


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