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Machine Learning Engineer

Singapore / Full-Time


  • Design, develop, and optimize deep learning models to process time-series and related data.

  • Handle raw data, perform data cleaning, feature engineering, and preprocessing to ensure data quality and suitability.

  • Conduct model training and optimization in a cloud computing environment to achieve efficient model training and tuning.

  • Integrate developed machine learning models into the supOS for real-time data processing and intelligent decision-making.

  • Utilize MLOps tools to manage the lifecycle of models, including model deployment, monitoring, maintenance, and updates, detect and address performance issues.

  • Apply signal processing techniques to process raw signal data sensors and devices generated to extract valuable information and features.

  • Collaborate with R&D teams to meet customer requirements.

  • Continuously stay updated with the latest developments in machine learning and deep learning to maintain current knowledge and skills in the field.


  •  Graduation from a top-tier university with a degree in Machine Learning, Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Mathematics, etc.

  • Experience with deep learning on time-series data, such as RNN/LSTM/Self-Attention.

  • Knowledge of training neural networks in cloud environments (GCP/AWS) and distributed systems.

  • Experience or education in signal processing, data cleaning.

  • Genuine work experience in software development, with a strong background in Python.

  • Hands-on experience with deep learning in PyTorch and MLOps tools.


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