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Technical Artist

Singapore / Full-Time

You will join a multidisciplinary, international R&D team, leveraging the latest 3D and human-computer interaction technology stacks to design and develop discrete event simulations and digital twin applications based on game engines. These applications will be utilized by world-leading industrial enterprises.


  • Independently design materials, models, and scenes to render industrial-use scenarios and applications.

  • Design materials and artistic styles suitable for industrial applications.

  • Collaborate with UI/UX designers and backend engineers in system design, develop programs, and perform engineering optimizations.


  • Proficient in DCC tools, Unity workflow, URP and HDRP pipelines, with an understanding of Unreal Engine.

  • Excellent proficiency in C# and Python, familiar with development standards and DevOps.

  • Excellent English skills, able to adapt to an English-speaking work environment.

  • Passionate about CG technology, knowledgeable about USD, Omniverse ecosystem, and digital twin technology trends.


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