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UI/UX Engineer

Singapore / Full-Time

You will join a multidisciplinary, international R&D team, leading cutting-edge technology and design into digital software products, and applying them to world-leading industrial enterprises.


  • Design and iterate on graphic and component elements that align with the company's design language, building human-machine interfaces for different terminals.

  • Provide material resources for marketing and technical communication activities.

  • Offer design guidelines for web engineers and machine learning engineers.

  • Collaborate with suppliers and clients to fulfill design and experience requirements in large-scale projects.


  • Academic background in human-computer interaction, computer science, industrial design, technology and engineering fields, with a preference for those with overseas study experience.

  • More than 2 years of work experience, highly familiar with the latest design and front-end toolchains.

  • Excellent English proficiency, able to adapt to an English-speaking work environment.

  • Insight into human-computer interaction technology, and a passion for software and digital transformation.

  • Plus: Please attach blog/portfolio/case studies.


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