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Zhenhai Refining & Chemical Company

Customer Brief:

Zhenhai Refining & Chemical, a key enterprise under Sinopec, holds a significant position in the industry. It possesses a crude oil processing capacity of 23 million tons per year, along with an annual production capacity of 1 million tons of aromatics and 200,000 tons of polypropylene. Furthermore, it boasts a deep-water marine terminal capacity of 45 million tons per year and a storage capacity exceeding 3 million cubic meters.

Project Achievement

The intelligent instrumentation and control platform has successfully replaced the monitoring tasks previously performed by 140 individuals. It has effectively recorded 3756 valid alarms and prevented 13 instances of production fluctuations.

The fault rate has witnessed a significant reduction of 43%, leading to a 28% decrease in unplanned downtime. Furthermore, the time taken to recover from faults has been reduced by 31%, while the accuracy rate of emergency responses has increased by 12%. Additionally, the implementation of the platform has resulted in an annual cost reduction of 115 million in spare parts.

Project Scope

Multi-source Data Access
The site includes DCS system, SAMS system, OPC ,and EAM system, whose real-time data and relational data are collected to the supOS data lake through the collector software and the middle ETL tool.


Instrument and Control Monitoring and Diagnosis
Establish a data integration platform for instrumentation and control equipment to achieve effective integration of instrumentation and control equipment data, management data and operation data, provide multi-dimensional and multi-perspective data services, and big data prediction and diagnosis.

Knowledge Library Management
Support uploading and downloading of instrument manuals, specifications, design drawings and other documents for viewing by creating a knowledge base management application.

Spare Parts Management
To achieve unity of accounts and guide spare parts procurement through the management of spare parts.

Alarm Management
Advanced alarm configuration to exclude intermittent alarms in alarm flooding and optimize alarm quality


Intelligent Inspection
Divide the inspection cycle, specify the inspection type, and manage the inspection process.

Mobile Replica
Instrument control management, alarm processing and real-time monitoring can be realized on both PC and mobile terminals. Inspection work, one key inspection, information sharing can be realized on mobile terminal.


Fault Rate


Unplanned Downtime


Fault Recovery Time


Emergency Response Accuracy Rate

115M $

Spare Cost

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