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Conch Cement Digital Factory

Customer Brief:
10 million ton cement clinker bases in China planned and constructed by Anhui Conch Group Co., Ltd. It is a provincial state-owned holding enterprise. The company now has an annual production capacity of 15 million tons of clinker, 4.7 million tons of cement ,and 600 million KWH power generation capacity, the world's largest single cement clinker production base.

Project Achievement

Fault pre-control: to achieve predictive maintenance of grinding, kiln, and other dynamic equipment. Abnormal downtime is reduced by 50%.

Energy saving and emission reduction: integration of energy production can reduce coal consumption by 1% and power consumption by 1.5%.

Decision-making wisdom: system operation and maintenance efficiency increased by 15%.

Project Scope

Automation of production report

The integrated platform can realize functions such as bottom fetch, the automatic fetch of the management process, automatic summary calculation, automatic push, multi-dimensional analysis, and presentation, etc., to complete a fully automated production report system.

Production control + intelligence

Develop the industrial big data platform for the whole process of cement manufacturing, study the current mainstream AI technology and big data technology, select the application scenarios suitable for cement manufacturing, realize the application of personnel intrusion detection, belt motion detection and other scenarios through computer vision technology, and realize the preheater plugging analysis scenario through big data technology.


Full life cycle management of equipment

Construct the all-factor equipment data system of Conch in Wuhu. From a global perspective, use information integration technology, situation awareness technology, radio frequency identification technology, computer vision technology, and mobile technology to fully realize multi-directional and multi-angle intelligent inspection of equipment. From point to line and line to surface, the detection values of equipment are automatically transmitted and abnormal data are automatically reported in the whole plant. At the same time, the whole process of inspection can be visualized.

Graphical ship scheduling

It can implement port reporting, departure operation, ship scheduling, real-time statistics of ship loading ,and other functions on mobile terminals. Realize DCS, cloud marketing system, logistics system, three parties of business collaboration ,and data linkage.


Abnomal Shutdown


Coal Consumption


Electricity Consumption


Operation Efficiency

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